Athens Architects

Athens Architects is a young dynamic company active in the field of Architecture, interior decoration and graphic design.





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The company

Athens Architects is a young dynamic company active in the field of Architecture and interior decoration.
The main focus of the company is the provision of specialized services in the design, design and construction of houses but also in every professional area.
Through our executives and our dedicated partners we are able to offer complete construction and refurbishment solutions, taking into account the profile and individual personality of each client, finding the most innovative and innovative ideas in each space, always in collaboration with him.
The main driver of company development is quality – both in design, design and construction – to meet current but future needs.
The aim of the company is to exploit its experience to provide integrated solutions with a consistent and genuine customer interest. Our vision is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life and work life of the entrepreneur and every individual who will be passed on to us through the provision of top quality global co-operation.

We deliver

Our company undertakes the construction-renovation-repair of the house owned by the person concerned. We provide clients with high quality services and integrated solutions that include design-supervision-construction, all kinds of construction and technical work.
Taking into consideration the profile and the individual personality of each person and with the utmost respect for his needs and having as his primary objective the delivery of a perfect construction, our experienced staff and our associates will design and fulfill your every wish.

The team

Stamatis Kollios

Graduate of AKTO in the field of CAD / CAM Building Designers and Architecture & Interior Design. Graduate of Middlesex University, Barchelor degree. Having extensive work experience in the field of study – construction from work to construction companies, politicians engineers and a mass-based equipment company are now able to cope with any need be presented in a private or professional space. As president of the company his primary goal is to improve quality and the aesthetics of the spaces it undertakes to accomplish, both in the professional and private construction sectors.

Leonidas Vagenas

Graduated from EMSAT PARIS in Graphic Design. Having 17 years of work experience in graphic design, visual communication, branding and printing solutions. Founder of design studio GRAPHIS and specialist in store identity. Founding member of the Athens Architects. Responsible for the graphic design department and member of our creative team.

Eleni Sfiri

Graduated from AKTO in Architecture & Interior Design. Having many years of experience in the construction and renovation of all types of business and private space, She is one of the founding members of the Athens Architects team. Responsible for the development of the aesthetics and ergonomics of the spaces we undertake.



Our company undertakes the design and implementation of all kinds of business premises, such as offices, shops, hotels, showrooms and conference rooms. Our aim is to assure the professional of high quality service and product quality while always considering the requirements of modern times.
With executives with years of experience in the business field and in full collaboration with the stakeholder, we design, design, and present innovative solutions applicable to the business.

Our company also operates in the field of mass catering, where our goal is to assure the professional of high quality service and quality products, taking into account the requirements of modern times.
Our executives, after years of experience in the catering industry, have acquired the knowledge to offer and present – in close collaboration with the interested entrepreneur – studies, design and innovative solutions applicable to any mass catering industry.
We study, plan, and implement:
Food labs, bakeries, pastry shops, restaurants, grocery stores, café bars, hotel units etc.
With the right design we save time and money for your business.

We take over

  1. Space map
  2. Design based on law specification (required square meter, lounge, wc etc.) if and when required.
  3. Suggestions & solutions for ergonomics & proper operation of the shop space
  4. Design & design of style selection and decoration of the store
  5. Final implementation plans with plans of electrical, hydraulic supply
  6. Choice of equipment and machinery for operating and energy saving of the store.
  7. Selection of furniture for construction of paints etc.
  8. Store licensing (if and when required).